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Founded in 2008, Super Link Internet & Communications, Super Link is an independent Johannesburg based WISP, ISP and IT Solutions provider. Specializing in a variety of IT Services, Super Link is constantly expanding and implementing new and improved Internet and Support solutions to better satisfy a growing market.

We offer fast, cost effective access to a range of innovative Wireless services. Our services start with low cost entry level solutions and scale to high bandwidth corporate services.

Our goal is to deliver reliable Internet and voice services over any medium and cater for all users, private or business. With South Africa’s rapid expansion, traditional ADSL internet, once regarded as the best internet service available, can no longer keep up with the sheer number of users joining the internet realm. This is where Super Link has got you covered!

Offering ADSL, Dedicated Wireless, Fiber and Point to Point connectivity at reasonable costs, Super Link can structure a solution based on your requirements and specific challenges.

Coupled with a strong IT Support, VOIP, Networking teams, Super Link offers a keystone solution for all businesses and households.


We have Specialized Installation Teams certified to work at heights to cater for the carrier class network deployment. This includes but not limited to RF installations, Battery backup, Mobile “Cow’s” deployment, cabinet installs and Microwave ring deployment.

We are able to install anything from 0.2m dishes to the large 2m dishes ranging from SDM2 to SDM8

 microwave installations



  • Internet
  • Dedicated High speed wireless internet
    • Up to 20MBPS
    • Low latency
    • VOIP Compatible
  • ADSL
    • Uncapped and capped solutions
  • iBurst
  • Satellite
    • Up to 15MBPS
    • VOIP Compatible


  • Fibre
    • Dedicated Fibre internet access


  • VOIP telecommunications
    • Stand-alone phones
    • Virtual PBX
    • PBX systems
    • Voice recording


  • Onsite and Remote IT Support
    • On Demand support
    • SLA Contracts


  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring
    • Windows based servers


  • Website design & maintenance
  • New websites
  • Revamping of existing websites
  • CCTV Systems
    • Analogue & IP Cameras
    • DVR Systems
    • Remote viewing and management


  • Biometric Systems
    • Access control
    • Employee time tracking


  • Projector Installations
    • New installations
    • Projector screen setups
    • Home Theatre


  • Networks
    • Network cabling and maintenance
      • LAN Cabling
      • Patching
      • Shielded termination and grounding
    • Fibre Optics
      • Splicing
      • New installations
      • Fibre verification and testing
    • Wireless networks
      • Point to Point
      • Wireless AP Coverage
      • Hotspots


  • Hardware sales
    • Laptops
    • Desktops
    • Network equipment



Super link has holds both communication licenses and is also a proud member of the WAPA association.

Communications Service License No:0388/CECS/JUL/2013

Communications Network Service License No:0388/CECNS/JUL/2013





Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voice band modem can provide.

Capped ADSL

1Mb/s - Home users. Basic Internet needs. Lowest Cost.

2Mb/s - Casual users. Facebook. Email. Browsing.

10Mb/s - Best for downloading. Live streaming.Gaming. Anything.

Uncapped ADSL

Super Links uncapped DSL solution gives you *unlimited Internet access 24/7.

This service is shaped, and is limited only by the speed of the line and our acceptable usage policy. You will never be capped, however, this service is not designed for automated 24/7 high-volume downloading that would put considerable strain on the system

Business ADSL

Internet for your business requires more than what a home ADSL connection can offer. Business ADSL is more reliable, lower latency and no chance of ever being disconnected. 

Business ADSL Benefits:

        • 5 static IPs
        • Soft capped to 256kb/s
        • Business grade ADSL router
        • The bandwidth is prioritized specifically for business use
        • Any line speed can be used


IT Support

Day to Day Support

Everybody has experienced the occasional need for some on-the-spot training or resolution to an IT problem. Super Link offers on-site and off-site support, as well as telephonic assistance to all clients. Whether it’s a printer that isn’t printing or a program that isn’t working correctly, Super Link can assist in most cases.

We are able to assist with common issues as below:

        • Printer issues – All makes and models including POS receipt printers
        • Email – Outlook, Gmail etc
        • Application software – Microsoft office suites etc
        • Sluggish computers – Optimize system for better performance


Software Support

Upgrading and updating software is crucial to preventing compatibility and potential security breaches within your computer network. It is important to keep your software updated and ensure that any service packs or hotfixes are applied in order to maintain system stability.

Super Link technicians are Windows environment trained and specialize in windows based server software and applications.


Hardware Failure

The most common causes for hardware failure in South Africa are power related. Power surges, spikes or sudden outages can damage hardware irreparably & in the process, cause data corruption and loss. Data recovery is an extremely expensive service and why we recommend our S.L.A.B system and hosted exchange packages for all computers.

Super Link has experience with most makes of PC’s & Laptops and can often repair the computer on-site. In certain instances, the computer will be booked in at our offices for thorough analysis and repairs.


An SLA agreement guarantees IT Support at the drop of a hat. An agreement is settled upon between you and Super Link regarding the number of hours and call-outs required on a monthly basis. We use a standardized rate based on the number of computers and servers on site and include the necessary call-outs based on the nature of the business or client’s needs.

Other benefits include: discounted rates on equipment and hardware, site visits to suit your schedule and environment.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to a delivering voice services over and internet connection instead of traditional analogue lines. VoIP has far more features than traditional voice service in the sense that data is sent and received digitally and can be tied into a multitude of value added services at a far more affordable price. E.g. Voice recording

In order to utilize VoIP services, your telephone system must be VoIP compatible. VoIP phones are robust devices that in general, include features that would not normally be available on standard analogue handsets.

Alternatively, an existing analogue system can be converted to VoIP.

The days of bulky PABX units are gone! Standard office setups can simply use a reception VoIP telephone with additional handsets connected as required. There are no expensive configurations that have to be done on site every time. Because the devices are digital and include web interfaces, setups and changes can be made on-the-fly from a remote location.

Cheaper call-Rates on both local and international calls ensure your monthly costs are reduced.



A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) private box exchange (PBX) is a telephone system that replaces services offered by traditional PBX systems while running over your LAN and utilizing an Internet connection.

Benefits of VoIP PBX Systems:

        • Quicker deployment as it uses LAN infrastructure
        • Easier Management (Web GUI)
        • Cost savings on calls
        • Scalable - Increase system capacity easily
        • More features
        • Move extensions and offices easily
        • Instant Remote Support
        • Much cheaper than traditional PBX systems



Super Link installs network infrastructure in such a way as to allow for growth and redundancy.

Our installation teams are well versed in the specifications and methods of LAN installations. We offer both CAT5 and CAT6 network installations as well as fiber to create reliable, fast and future proof networks.

Choosing the correct cable type and variant is crucial to establishing a network that will surpass your current needs and last well into the future. Super Link only uses high grade cable capable of meeting your needs.

Design and planning is done after a site visit in order to meet the client’s needs in every way. Design is discussed with the client so that you understand exactly what you are getting and why things are done the way they are.


A point to point link is used to connect two or more sites utilizing wireless radios. A device is installed on each site which communicates with one another.

We do not limit transmit speeds for private networks. Rental fees may apply if devices need to relay off one of our towers.

No data package is purchased as this is a private link for your business.

Point to Point Profile


Super Link has a range of hotspot solutions for small localized areas like restaurants, to full scale Wi-Fi deployment for large events and estates. These systems are fully manageable with speed restrictions and voucher based applications.


 hotspot manager







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